Thursday, August 8, 2013

Potty Training.....Again!

So we started the potty training process written Rayelle again this week. I felt horribly mislead when everyone told me that girls are easier to potty train. Obviously they never tried training a girl as stubborn as Rayelle. But she is finally following through with it this time!

On Tuesday we had a few errands to run. We had to get some ink for the printer and she had an accident outside the ink shop. Thankfully it was outside so I didn't have to clean that up...just her. Then we left there and got to Sprouts. As we walked in I asked her if she needed to use the potty and she said no. So we headed straight back to the produce and as we got there she told me she had an accident. It was only 20 seconds prior that I had asked her if she needed to potty. So I cleaned that up and put her in a diaper since she already used her extra panties.

But yesterday she only had one accident and today she hasn't has any! I think we're moving on to better days! And we'll only have 2 kids in diapers instead of 3.  :-)

It is so cute to see how excited she gets to put a sticker on her chart. And when she fills up a row she gets to pick a special price of candy. We let her pick some out at WinCo. And everyday when Matt gets home she is do excited to show him her chart. And when we went to run errands Matt asked her if she wanted to wear a diaper so she wouldn't have any accidents and she almost lost it and told him she's not a baby anymore! So proud of my big girl! Pin It


  1. Yay for Rayelle, and for you! Progress is always good, some just take longer than others. Emma has always been extremely easy in this area but it took me many attempts with Nathan. Before long you won't even have to worry about her :)

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