Sunday, August 11, 2013

Overprotective Big Sister

Rayelle is a girl who loves people. And if you know her, you know that she loves everyone and everyone is her friend.

She often times will wonder off in a store or run far ahead of me without a worry in the world.

So last week we took the kids to play at the mall since they have an inside tree house with a slide and some dinosaurs and rocks to play on. Rayelle thought it was funny to run all the way down the strip of the mall to the play land and not stop when we called after her.

When we finally caught up we made her sit on the bench for time-out and we tried to explain "stranger danger" to her. I'm never quite sure how much she soaks in when I talk to her. But apparently she got all of it.

So for the past week she has been freaking out when she can't see Cason. Or when he falls a little behind us when we're walking. She literally cries and/or screams and calls out Cason's name and asks where he's at. Last night when we were at a family dinner she wouldn't calm down until Cason sat next to her on the stairs to eat his ice cream. And she wouldn't come in the house because Cason was outside and she didn't want him to get lost...even though the rest of Matt's family was outside with him.

But she is like this constantly with him. She always has to know where he is. And panics when he might get lost. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Is this a normal stage out did I scare/scar her too much?

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  1. That's a tough one, it really could be a phase that will pass eventually or a combination of things. I know about this age they usually start to develop more fears. When you talked with her it might have just made her more aware of some things. On the other hand maybe her being more concerned about Cason is a good thing to help her be more kind to him.

    1. You would think that she would be more kind to him...but no. At home she still fights with him. But in public she stats to freak out. Tonight they went outside with Matt and even though Rayelle wanted to come inside she wouldn't come in without Cason. So she just stood outside and cried. MATT WAS OUTSIDE WITH CASON AND RAYELLE KNEW THIS. Hopefully she will outgrow this...our at learn to control it to a normal level.


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