Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life is beautiful!

Today was definitely the best day that I have had for little while. Last night I re-committed to not yell at my children. I know that it makes a difference because I committed to it before and followed through for about a week. But a bad habit is a slippery slope. It's better to just stay away before you spiral down out of control. But today was nice.

I woke up and told myself to only use my kind voice. When the kids aren't behaving, instead if yelling I will simply put them in time-out. But only after I ask them nicely to fix the behavior.

I caught Rayelle telling at Cason and told her that we only use kind voices. I noticed that the kids along better today. Aspen was happier today. I felt more calm for the whole day.

It its such a blessing to have a calm and happy home. I know that this is a tough journey to stop yelling. But I know it is completely worth it.

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