Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cason is our little man


Such a sweet loveable little man. He is the cuddler that I wanted and didn't get with Rayelle.

I just wanted to make note of some of his tendencies that make him Cason.

· when he gets sleepy or is sad, he wants to hold his own unique way. He likes to stick his finger in between two of yours.

· he likes to randomly help clean...except for when you want him to.

· he thinks it's especially fun to make random messes around the house.

· when he knows that he needs to say sorry, he will give hugs...since he won't talk.

· he loves to take care of Aspen.

· he consumes more dairy than any person I've ever heard of.

· he can also scream higher than must people

· he loves to hang out with me and Matt after-hours and watch movies and eat popcorn with us.

· he has a super cute and slightly mischievous smile

· he gets frightened at any loud sound or raised voice

· and anyone who knows him can feel his sweet spirit. He is such a softy and I love him for it! I'm so glad he chose to join our family!

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  1. What a sweet boy you were blessed with! I am always reminded of that tenderness when I visit with you. I think Sean is getting to the point where he is in love with milk he wants to drink it constantly!


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