Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan (8/27 - 9/1)


B:   toast / orange juice
S:   grapes
L:   pizza / green peppers
S:   no bake energy bites
D:   spaghetti / salad   (in case you haven't noticed by now...we love salad around here!)


B:   cereal / plum
S:   grapes
L:   pepperoni rolls / cucumbers
S:   yogurt
D:   loaded baked potatoes / broccoli


B:   flax carrot apple muffins / orange juice
S:   strawberries
L:   mac & cheese / broccoli
S:   no bake energy bites 
D:   peurto rican beans & rice / salad


B:   oatmeal / strawberries
S:   fruit leather
L:   hot dog / carrots
S:   cheese
D:   mexican summer salad


B:   flax carrot apple muffin / orange juice
S:   plum
L:   apples w/ peanut butter
S:   rice cakes
D:   date night


B:   toast w/ peach raspberry jam
S:   craisins
L:   tuna sandwiches w/ apple and cucumber slices
S:   nut crackers
D:   leftover bar


B:   oatmeal / orange juice
S:   rice cakes
L:   chili dogs / carrots
S:   yogurt
D:   mushroom sausage penne / green beans
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