Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flax Carrot Apple Muffins

It was a very busy afternoon around our house during nap time today.  Our house was turned into a bakery!  I found a couple of muffin recipes that I wanted to try out.  Mainly because they are super healthy and I have been looking for snacks that I store away for when we get the munchies.  

The two that I tried today were:


Lets just say that the fruit and veggies ones will never be made again.  I probably added too much broccoli on my part.  

But the flax carrot apple muffins were so delicious!  I even made them using Rayelle's gluten free flour so that she can enjoy them too.  And she completely gobbled it down.  So I don't see the point in making the fruit and veggie ones when the flax carrot apple ones are so yummy.  And yes, those are cranberries inside them too!

You will definitely have to make some for yourself!

But be warned...this is probably what your kitchen will end up looking like:

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  1. Those look so good Ashley I think I am going to try those soon. I love reading your blog :)


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