Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Fun

I went to a meeting after church yesterday and the topic of journaling came up.  It was a subject that was spoken on in sacrament meeting last week also.  I used to be a good journal. writer.  I kept a consistent journal up until right before Matt and I got married.  I got sketchy about the time we got married and eventually stopped writing all together.  So I don't have many documented memories of our newlywed years.  And I only have a couple entries about Rayelle as a baby.  And I don't have any entries about Cason.

Well, seeing that I'm haunted by the topic of journal writing, I figured I better hone in on my jouraling and write a few more entries about my family.  I could hand write it, which would be cool for my posterity.  But it's just quicker and more realistic that I type it up.  And I can add pics that way.

So I've decided to share with you all some pics of my family over the last couple of months.


Rayelle fell asleep after she scribbled on her Etch-a-Sketch

Cuddled up backwards with her beddig

She likes to play in the baby's swing

Look at Cason's big smile

He likes to pull on Matt's ear

Rayelle is obsessed with's her new nail polish

She is so cute all cuddled up with her baby


Rayelle's first time at a beach...she made a new friend

She got brave and went in pretty deep

Rayelle got the ingredients out for chocolate milk

But the milk jug was too heavy

I found them cuddled up like this on Father's Day when I woke up

Then later that day Matt took a nap and Rayelle went and got her blanket to cover him up

At the park she got into someone elses fire-pit soot

Cason just learned to use a sippy cup

He was so excited to be next to his daddy

We took Rayelle to ride some rides and Cason got to sit in with her

I woke up to Rayelle yelling for help...I found her in the bathtub too soapy to climb out on her own

She rubbed shampoo all over herself

She put Matt's socks on while we were folding laundry


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