Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Plan: 6/4 - 6/10


B:   Cereal / Craisins
S:   Fruit Leather
L:   PB&J / Cucumber
S:   Yogurt Dots
D:   Sausage Melt / Green Beans


B:   Waffles / Strawberries
S:   Pretzels
L:   Grilled Cheese / Carrots
S:   Blueberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Fajitas / Salad


B:   Cereal / Strawberries
S:   Graham Crackers 
L:   Kabobs / Cucumbers
S:   Strawberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Fajitas / Salad


B:   Omelet / Strawberries
S:   Cheese
L:   Hotdogs / Applesauce
S:   Blueberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Cheesy Parmesan Beef / Corn


B:   Cereal / Pineapple
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Pepperoni Rolls / Olives
S:   Flaxseed Crackers
D:   Burgers / Sweet Potato Fries


B:   Waffles / Strawberries
S:   Apple Slices
L:   Tuna Sandwiches / Carrots
S:   Yogurt Dots
D:   Fried Rice / Veggies Added


B:   Cereal / Pineapple
S:   Mango / Flaxseed Crackers
L:   PB&J / Leftover Fruits & Veggies
S:   Popcorn
D:   Fried Rice / Veggies Added

You may have noticed that I have fajitas on the menu for this week as well as's because we never got to them last week.  I don't remember what came up, but somehow they got pushed back.  I wouldn't feed my family the same thing that many times in a one week period!
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