Friday, June 29, 2012

Bento Lunch #9

"I Love You" Lunch

This is my attempt at using a cute background.  Sorry the pic isn't the best.  I'm still trying to figure out how to take better pics.  I just have a basic digital camera.

But onto the lunch.  It turns our Rayelle likes celery.  Who'd of thought?!

*celery w/ peanut butter (actually it's "toasted soy spread" since she has a peanut allergy)
*heart pepperonis
*heart cucumbers
*orange slices

She ate everything!  She has quite the appetite these days.  :)
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bento Lunch #8

My second attempt at turning a cucumber into a flower.  And yet, another fail!

*ham & cheese kabobs

She gobbled up every single thing!  Yes!

This is what I want my flowers to look similar to.  I bet they used a cookie cutter though.  Maybe I'll make it to the store today.  
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bento Lunch #7

I came across the idea of pepperoni rolls on the web one day.  And it turns out that Rayelle loves them.  She like to open them up and eat the cream cheese and then eat the pepperonis.  

*pepperoni rolls
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Bento Lunch #6

This was Rayelle's lunch yesterday.  
She absolutely loves her bread.  Which I am grateful for since it is $7 a loaf.  And it isn't even as big as a regular size loaf of bread.

*ham sandwich
*wild berry applesauce

I need to go t the store to buy some small cookie cutters.  Most of ours are too big to cut Rayelle's sandwiches since she only uses one slice of bread that I cut in half for the top and bottom.

You guys should have seen my attempt at turning a cucumber slice into a flower.  It just ended up looking like a weird box shape.  I'll try again and though.  
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess
E. D. Baker

I checked out this book when we went to check out the Orem library not too long after we moved here.  It was about a month ago that I finished it now.  Anyways, we were wandering around and it caught my eye.  Turns out that it's the book that the Disney movie "The princess and the Frog" was loosely based off of.

Emeralda, aka Emma, is the only princess in Greater Greensward. But she is clumsy with everything, including the magic touch she inherited from the first green witch centuries back, and has a laugh like a foghorn. When her mother says she has to marry the stuck-up Prince Jorge from East Aradia, her worst enemy, she runs off to the swamp where she meets Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista. The only problem is that he has been turned into a frog by the witch Mudine. Emma kisses him and tries to reverse the spell, but her whole life changes when she turns into a frog. Emma and Eadric set off to find the witch that turned him into a frog and ask her to change them back. With what little magic Emma has learned from her Aunt Grassina, the current Green Witch, Emma tries to save Eadric and herself.

I enjoyed it.  It was funny in parts and kept me interested the whole time.  Partly because I wanted to see how the movie went along with the movie.  But after starting, I quickly realized that when the say it was "loosely" based off the book, they mean loosely.

I liked the creatures, the witches, and the touch of romance that is inevitable in a girly book. :)

All in all, I would recommend it.  I've started reading the second part and it's pretty cute as well.
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Bento Lunch #5

I know, I know.  I need more color in her fruits and veggies.  But I don't have anymore frozen corn right now.  And she finished the strawberries yesterday.  

But she loved this lunch anyways.  She gobbled up the ham rolls first.  Then the grapes.  And then her green beans.

Kindda strange though, she initially asked for cheese when I started preparing lunch, then she never even touched it.  Oh the mood of a 2 year old.  

She is so cute because whenever she eats, she usually pulls up her shirt and tells us that it went in her belly.  Gotta love their personalities.  :)

I ate leftover pasta from last night and a banana.  

I'm excited to share our dinner with you that we are having tonight.  It's going to be an amazingly delish salad.  That post coming soon.   

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Garden

I finally got a garden!!!

I told Matt when we just friends, before we started dating, that I wanted to have a small farm someday.  I have always been a country girl at heart.  Then when I was 16 and moved to Minnesota and actually got the chance to live on a farm, I knew that was what I wanted.  

Well, when Matt and I got married we bought a condo pretty much downtown Salt Lake and I said "bye-bye" to my farm.  After four years we finally bought a home that has a yard!

It's not a big yard by any means, but it is big enough to have a small garden.

So Matt agreed to help dig up the back strip of grass so I could start planting.  I'm so grateful for his hard work because I got so tired after the 1/3 that I dug up.

This is our neighbor's cat who always walks along the back wall.  She thinks she owns the place or something.

Rayelle helping me plant the veggies.

Cason just chilled in his bouncer.

Then Rayelle decided to plant a tool garden.

We planted cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 2 pumpkins, jalapenos, red & green peppers, and 3 strawberries.  I'm excited to see what we grow this year.  

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Bento Lunch #4

I didn't get to make Rayelle a lunch today because we were out and about longer than I thought we would be this morning.  So we ended up getting food at the grocery store and eating it there.

But Matt graciously let me make his lunch this morning.

*leftover pasta & sausage
*pb & nutella "dinosaur" sandwich
*strawberry granola bar
*dried apricots
*chunk of cucumber

(I never know how much to pack for him.  So I try to pack on the extra side just to be sure there is enough food.  He can always bring home the leftovers.)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bento Lunch #3

I got to pack Matt his first bento today.  He said he thought it was cute.  
*pb & nutella sandwich
*straeberry granola bar
*leftover sweet potato fries
*yogurt peanuts

And then I fixed Rayelle's at lunchtime.  I dug out my cookie cutters this morning.  They were in the very back of my very deep and packed under-stairs closet.  I had to pull almost everything out because they were in the back box.  But at least I got to organize the boxes and now I have more room in there.  (to just bury the box even more?)

I cut Rayelle's sandwich and cheese into hearts which was a big hit.  She got her high pitch voice out and said "a heart!"  So worth the little bit of extra effort.
And I have a strange toddler who likes salad so she got a little one.  I'm not complaining by any means, it's just that you don't come across that too often.
*ham sandwich
*salad w/ carrots

 By the look of this smile, I'd say that she liked her lunch.  She ate the sandwich and cheese first.  I think it's because they were shaped like hearts.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bento Lunch #2

Day two of bento lunches and I even got my own today. :)

We had a very busy afternoon and needed to pack our lunches today.  We had to run to the grocery store, then drop by the house to put the cold stuff in the fridge, then headed to the library to return and pick up P.E.R.C. materials, then hang around for summer program story time.  Which meant that we were out for just over four hours.  It might not seem like a lot of time, but when you have a baby and a toddler, it feels like FOREVER!

So here is what we pack to keep us fueled.

Rayelle had the top box:
*cooked hotdog w/ ketchup
*freshly peeled peach
*cucumbers w/ ranch

My box:
*tuna salad on whole wheat wrap
* mozzarella string cheese

Rayelle ended up eating her's when we got to Wal-Mart while sitting in the cart.  She always gobbles up the carrots first.  Then I ate mine while I drove home to drop off the groceries.  Rayelle helped me eat my apple though.  Some days it seems like she just can't get enough food!

I found out where our cookie cutters are, so I'll dig them out of our storage shed and hopefully get to use them soon.  I even packed Matt a lunch this morning to surprise him...just to find out that he already packed it!  I guess he can just use the one I packed tomorrow.  Maybe I'll cut his sandwich into a cute shape to surprise him ;)
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bento Lunch #1

Today I made Rayelle's first bento style lunch.

I've been excited about them for a few months now.  I came across some pics one day when I was just surfing the web.

Here are a few website I've found that I thought were really great.

I browsed through the pics on these blogs and fell in love!  I was so inspired!  When lunchtime rolled around today, I walked into my kitchen and was actually excited to fix lunch.

I know it looks empty, but she's only two years old.
*carrot sticks
*gluten-free corndog muffin

I also love seeing the pics people put post with all the fruits and veggies.  Eating more fruits and veggies is something that Matt and I have been working on as a new year's resolution.  And we do really well at it I think.  But more motivation/inspiration keeps me on track.

I want to get to the point where I can make cute shapes and pics out of the food.  But I'm just starting out so  I'm not going to overdo it.  Slow and steady.  Don't want to wear myself out before I get going.

I ended up eating tuna salad on a whole wheat wrap with a carrot.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade Sazon

So, I've been into making things homemade lately.   It all started because I think making certain things is more budget friendly.  Now, it's because I've been learning about the chemicals and stuff that are added to processed foods.  It's pretty disgusting when you actually do the research!

The last time I made Puerto Rican Beans and Rice I used my last packet of sazon.  So I decided to find a recipe to make my own.  If you look hard and long enough you can find a recipe for ANYTHING!

Add 1 Tbsp of each:

ground black pepper
garlic powder
ground coriander

Then just use 1 1/2 tps of homemade mix per packet of Sazon that you would normally use.

I love how easy and very inexpensive it is.  And It's just pure natural herbs and spices!

No  msg - which in the main ingredient!
No yellow 5
No Tricalcium phosphate (anti-caking)
No red 40

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Plan: 6/4 - 6/10


B:   Cereal / Craisins
S:   Fruit Leather
L:   PB&J / Cucumber
S:   Yogurt Dots
D:   Sausage Melt / Green Beans


B:   Waffles / Strawberries
S:   Pretzels
L:   Grilled Cheese / Carrots
S:   Blueberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Fajitas / Salad


B:   Cereal / Strawberries
S:   Graham Crackers 
L:   Kabobs / Cucumbers
S:   Strawberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Fajitas / Salad


B:   Omelet / Strawberries
S:   Cheese
L:   Hotdogs / Applesauce
S:   Blueberries w/ Whipped Topping
D:   Cheesy Parmesan Beef / Corn


B:   Cereal / Pineapple
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Pepperoni Rolls / Olives
S:   Flaxseed Crackers
D:   Burgers / Sweet Potato Fries


B:   Waffles / Strawberries
S:   Apple Slices
L:   Tuna Sandwiches / Carrots
S:   Yogurt Dots
D:   Fried Rice / Veggies Added


B:   Cereal / Pineapple
S:   Mango / Flaxseed Crackers
L:   PB&J / Leftover Fruits & Veggies
S:   Popcorn
D:   Fried Rice / Veggies Added

You may have noticed that I have fajitas on the menu for this week as well as's because we never got to them last week.  I don't remember what came up, but somehow they got pushed back.  I wouldn't feed my family the same thing that many times in a one week period!
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rayelle's Puppy Chow

We were having friends over not too long ago and they were in charge of bringing a treat if they wanted one.  But it can be hard to fix treats for Rayelle because of her food allergies.  So I figured I would make her a treat because we always just give her the same cookies whenever Matt and I have a treat.

Puppy Chow was the choice that came to mind.  Not sure why..
But I found a recipe and headed to the store.

It turned out yummy!  I didn't realize that it would be so easy to make.  It is very messy but worth it.  And of course, she loved it.  She shared it with her friend who came over who has celiacs also.  

I made only half of the recipe though.  And I think I ate more than Rayelle did.  Oh well ;)
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