Friday, May 25, 2012

Rayelle's Waffles

Since Rayelle has a wheat allergy, I've had to improvise on making her some foods.

But I found this flour mixture that is completely wheat/gluten free.  It is pretty expensive ($19.00 for a 4 lb bag) but it can be used instead of flour in any recipe that calls for flour.  What a great invention!  So I made Rayelle some waffles.

Rayelle's waffles didn't turn out as thick and fluffy as the original recipe looked.  But that is probably because she doesn't have the same flour.  But they were still tasty.  And she loves them.  Oh yeah, I add some chocolate chips because I was afraid she wouldn't like them much. ;)

I cooked the whole batch up and cut them into triangles.  Then just put them into a freezer bag and pull one out when we have waffles for breakfast.  And she is my silly girl because she always wants honey on her waffles instead of syrup.  Who'd of thunk?!
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