Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Menu Plan (5/28 - 6/3)

I know I'm a day late posting but at least I had it done in time.


B:   Omelet / Smoothies
S:   Milk
L:   Beans & Rice / Apples
S:   Applesauce
D:   Salisbury Pasta / Salad


B:   Cereal / Strawberries
S:   Fruit Leather
L:   Chili / Carrots
S:   Rice Cakes
D:   Baked Potatoes / Broccoli


B:   Waffles / Oranges
S:   Pretzels
L:   Zucchini Bread / corn
S:   Strawberries
D:   Ranch Baked Quessadillas / Avocados & Tomato


B:   Cereal / Strawberries
S:   Yogurt Raisins
L:   Corndogs / Cucumbers
S:   Mango Slices
D:   Tomato Parmesan Pasta / Salad


B:   Omelet / Smoothies
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Ham & Cheese kabobs / Olives & Cucumbers
S:   Pineapple
D:   Cheesy Beef Corkscrew Pasta / Salad


B:   Cereal Craisins
S:   Pineapple
L:   Pizza / Carrots
S:   Applesauce
D:   Fajitas / Salad


B:   Waffles / Pineapple
S:   Mango / Flaxseed Crackers
L:   Tuna Sandwich / Apple & Carrots
S:   Popcorn
D:   Left-Over Fajitas / Salad

In case you're wondering how I choose my meals, I plan my meals around what produce is on sale.  That's why in one week you'll see the same produce repeated so often.  For instance, this week strawberries ($.98 lb), pineapple ($.98 each), carrots ($.33 lb), cucumbers ($.16 each) and romain lettuce ($.50 each) were on sale.  Just a way that we save money.

And for the meat, Whenever beef, chicken, ham or sausage goes on sale for a great price, I buy in bulk and freeze it to use whenever it works for us.

And for the weeks when there aren't any good fresh produce sales, I have frozen veggies that I can use.  I bought a bunch when the 1 lb. bags went on sale for $.69 each.
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  1. I love your menu plans Ashley simple but they sound good! Once Sean comes and we get into a new routine I plan to do a bit more menu planning. The only problem I have with Emma is she won't eat what I plan, which makes it tough sometimes.

  2. wow! I want to shop at your grocery store!!! It's 1/3 the price of the cheapest place, and 1/6 the price of the normal stores out here! Thanks for all the ideas :)


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