Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Menu Plan (5/21 - 5/27)


B:   Hashbrowns / Oranges
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Hotdogs / Cucumbers
S:   Pretzels
D:   Dinner w/ Friends


B:   Cereal / Blueberries
S:   Rice Cakes
L:   Ham, Cheese, Olive Kabobs / Carrots
S:   Yogurt Dots
D:   Italian Chicken Panini / Salad


B:   Waffles / Strawberries
S:   Yogurt Raisins
L:   Noodles & Sausage / Green Beans
S:   Popcorn
D:   Butter & Parmesan Pasta w/ Ham / Salad


B:   Oatmeal / Strawberries
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Tuna Sandwich / Corn
S:   yogurt Dots
D:   Left-Over Butter & Parmesan Pasta w/ Ham / Salad


B:   Hashbrowns / Oranges
S:   Fruit Leathers
L:   Alfredo / Cucumbers
S:   Flaxseed Corn Chips
D:   Burgers / Sweet Potato Fries


B:   Cereal Craisins
S:   Yogurt
L:   Quesadillas / Avocado & Tomato
S:   Mango Wedge
D:   Italian Herb & Sausage Linguine / Green Beans


B:   Waffles / Apples
S:   Flaxseen Corn Chips
L:   Ham, Cheese, Olive Kabobs
S:   Popcorn
D:   Pizza / Salad 

I found this menu pdf that I fell in love with right away/  I've been looking for one that includes a spot for snacks because I need to feed Rayelle snacks.  And if I have the snacks planned out as well as the meals than I don't just give her junk to snack on...a.k.a. fruit snacks or cookies.

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  1. I really like that Menu pdf you posted thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it. I seriously looked for so long that I didn't think I would be able to find one with snack spots. But at last...Yay!


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