Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Menu Plan (5/14-5/20)


B:   Toast / Grapes
S:   Cheese
L:   Hotdogs / Corn
S:   Fruit Leather
D:   Quesadilla / Salad


B:   Waffles / Grapes
S:   Cheddar Nut Thins
L:   Broccoli & Cheese
S:   Fruit Leather
D:   Chicken Pasta / Salad


B:   Toast / Oranges
S:   Grapes
L:   Nuggets / Cucumber Slices
S:   Cheese & Olive Kabobs
D:   Salisbury Pasta / Corn


B:   Cereal / Blueberries
S:   Apple Slices
L:   PB&J / Carrots
D:   Salisbury Pasta / Corn


B: Waffles / Mango
S:   Raisins
L:   Grilled Cheese / Jicama Fries
S:   Pretzels
D:   Burgers / Sweet Potato Fries


B:   Cereal / Oranges
S:   Yogurt Dots
L:   Corndog Muffins / Cucumbers
S:   Cheese & Olive Kabobs
D:   Fried rice


B:   Waffles / Apple Slices
S:   Mango Chunks
L:   Tuna Sandwiches / Green Beans
S:   Popcorn
D:   Family Gathering

I'm at a loss for new snack-time ideas and breakfast ideas.  If you have any to share let me know!
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