Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper Dolls Turned Magnetic

I found these super cute paper doll kits at Wal-Mart.  They were in the party favor section.  I have wanted to make some for Rayelle for months!  So I finally did it.  I knew I wanted them to be magnetic so the clothes would stick to the doll.  Rayelle is only 2 so the magnets would help her out tons. 

 I also bought a tin from the Dollar Store to store the dolls in and stick them to.

This is the clothes that came with the dolls.  I used both sets so she would have more options.

She wanted me to take a pic of her during the project.  Camera ham ;)

I just glued all the outfits to magnets adds that come on the phone books.  then cut them out.  It was very detail oriented.  But it went pretty quick.  

I'm going to glue the dolls onto bigger magnetic sheets that you can buy from craft stores.  I think Rayelle is going to like it.  I just hope she doesn't lose the pieces right away.  

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