Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Planning

I am so excited that I have made a menu for the last two weeks.  Last week was the first time I made a menu in a while.  And I actually stuck to it pretty well.  It helped out a ton to know what I was going to be last minute stressing.  And it especially helped out with the budget!  I somehow started running out of money with 2 weeks left of the month!  So I really needed to use what we had on hand.  Which consisted of 1 lb ground beef and 2 frozen chicken breast.  Hmmm...

So here are the menus I decided on for last week
(September 19 - 25)

Monday - Crock-pot Rotel Chicken - salad

Tuesday - Refried Bean Quesadillas - tomatos

Wednesday - whatever since Matt goes straight to class after work

Thursday - Chicken Parmasean - corn cobs

Friday - Fish Sticks - grapes

Saturday - Potato Soup - corn, cucumber

Sunday - dinner w/ extended family
September 26 - October 2

Monday - Turkey Burgers - avocado, carrots

Tuesday - Fried Rice w/ Deviled Eggs - veggies included

Wednesday - Potato Soup (frozen leftovers) - veggie tbd

Thursday - Crock-Pot Rotel Chicken (frozen leftovers) - veggie tbd

Friday - Pizza - veggie tbd

Saturday - Fried Rice (leftovers)

It's nothing fancey...especially this since we had to use what we had in the house.  But it gets us through.  Next month I'll plan better and maybe have a few meals that are a little more jazzy.  
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank Goodness Walmart Price Matches!

I went to walmart today to do some desperately needed grocery shopping!  I have been out of fruits for nearly a week. We've had some veggies but just green peppers, lettuce, and onions.  Who wants to snack on those?  So every time Rayelle goes to the fridge for a snack I have had nothing to offer her except hotdogs and peanut butter.  So I had to make the trip today.  And we were just about out of milk. 

But it truly is a blessing from Heavenly Father that walmart will match competitor add prices.  We have a handful of Spanish markets around who send their adds out and they have AMAZING prices on their produce.  Sometimes you can find regular grocery items for a good deal too.  But generally speaking, when I've gone to their stores to buy the produce it isn't the best quality. 

So walmart is the next best thing.  And since we have a budget that we are trying really hard to stick to, we count it as a blessing.  It's almost like stealing the prices are so good! 

So here is what I got today for super cheap.

2.21 lbs grapes for $1.11  (.50/lb)
1.61 lbs peaches for $0.81  (.50/lb)
1.01 lbs plums for $0.51  (.50/lb)
4.19 lbs gala apples for $2.10  (.50/lb)
5 cucumbers for $1.00  (.20 each)
2.47 lbs bananas for $0.82  (.33/lb)
10 lbs potatos for $1.99

Total with taxes:   $8.59
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