Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daddy's Girl

I always thought Rayelle would be a mommy's girl...Boy was I wrong.

I can't even describe how much a daddy's girl she has become now that she is nearly 18 months old.  When we are at church and Matt tries to leave her with me so he can go to class, she cries and runs out the door after him.  When we watch a movie, she climbs up onto the couch and sits next him.  When we wake up in the mornings, she sits in bed and points at Matt to pick her up.  And she loves to do whatever it is that Matt is doing.  So here a few pics I've captured of Matt and Rayelle together.

This is Matt watching a Baby Einstein movie with Rayelle after he got home from work.

Rayelle didn't want to eat the corn we cut off for her.  She wanted to eat it the way were, so of course Matt helped her out.

We got Rayelle some bathtub crayons and Matt was drawing pictures with her.

 This was the cutest thing.  Matt was adjusting the tricycle his mom got for Rayelle.  And Rayelle decided to help him out.  So she pulled out a screwdriver and was poking at whatever Matt was working on. Pin It

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  1. This is too cute! A whole blog post about how Rayelle follows me around. Thanks sweetie:)


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