Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catching up for October

October was an exciting month...because of Halloween!!!

It is so fun to get to decorate with scary and creepy things. Although, I don't enjoy all the gory things.  Nice clean bugs, ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and pumpkins.

Since this was Rayelle's first Halloween I was very excited for her!  I decided to make her a purple fairy.  I know, there were tons of fairies this year.  But it was so cute and the wings and skirt were only $1 each at the dollar store.  Sometimes I am very cheap.  But she didn't care.  And she was adorable!

This is a wedding reception we went to earlier in the month.

 This is the most adorable silly face ever!

And Rayelle learned how to eat a sucker... 

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