Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree

We spent our first fhe in December putting up our Christmas tree. It is Rayelle's first and she seemed to be interested.

She especially took interest in the pretty shiny ornaments.

We had our ward Christmas party already too.

And Rayelle had to examine what was in the goody bags.

This month Rayelle had her first chocolate chips...but how could she not at this time of year?!
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Catching Up for November

Not much happened in the month of November.  But there were enough cute pictures of Rayelle that it was worth creating a post.

It was nice that Rayelle and I got to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together.  I didn't realize how big she was getting until I saw this picture!

And later that night at Matt's mom's house, Rayelle found a box of tissues and hid under a table so she could rip them up.
And these are just a few cute pics of Rayelle in her winter coat.

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Catching up for October

October was an exciting month...because of Halloween!!!

It is so fun to get to decorate with scary and creepy things. Although, I don't enjoy all the gory things.  Nice clean bugs, ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and pumpkins.

Since this was Rayelle's first Halloween I was very excited for her!  I decided to make her a purple fairy.  I know, there were tons of fairies this year.  But it was so cute and the wings and skirt were only $1 each at the dollar store.  Sometimes I am very cheap.  But she didn't care.  And she was adorable!

This is a wedding reception we went to earlier in the month.

 This is the most adorable silly face ever!

And Rayelle learned how to eat a sucker... 

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Catching Up for September

Let me just tell you that I am utterly disgusted with myself!  I vowed that when I started blogging that I would be diligent at it and not fall too far behind.  Because when I do, I feel like it is easier to not try catching up...and so I never do!

Well, since my wonderful hubby got my laptop fixed for me for Christmas (an early gift), I can finally catch up.  It's hard for me to use the regular computer because Matt's nearly always on it for work and school.  

First comes September:

Rayelle learned how to sit by herself! 

She is a pro at feeding herself

We were given one of the world's largest cucumbers!

We enjoyed a hike in the mountains 

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