Friday, August 13, 2010

Pinto's New Experiences

     We have had Pinto as part of the family for about 2 months now.  And we have discovered that he has quite a personality!  He is usually very mellow and easy going.  Mostly just lays around the house and "meows" whenever he wants a little extra attention.  So these are some of the highlights from his past two months.

We usually NEVER let Pinto on any of the furniture.  But while Matt and I were busy doing something, he snuck up onto the couch and we found him like this...

Pinto's cat bed is a little too small for him...but he LOVES it!  At night he walks around in it and stretches it out and chews on the edge, then about 2/3's of himself lays inside.

One of Pinto's little joys in life is being able to lay in the windows and look outside. He jumps up every chance he gets. We live very close to some railroad tracks. And the conductors find it necessary to toot their horn quite loudly every time they drive by our street. And it never fails, Pinto gets scared and jumps down to hide. You would think he would learn by now that they aren't coming to get him! But even in the one window that we have that doesn't have a screen, he doesn't try to jump out luckily...since we live on the second level!

And this picture was taken the night we went to pick apricots.  There was something extremely fascinating about the bag of apricots.  he would leave it alone...just kept sniffing and digging them out.

And probably one of Pinto's least favorite experiences was his bath!  Matt gave him one last Saturday when we thought Rayelle might be allergic to him.  We still aren't sure if she is or not...we need to get her tested.  But Matt said that Pinto didn't fight him and it went quite smoothly.

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