Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making a Tutu

     I was talking with a friend recently and she asked if I would be willing to make some tutus for her little girl's birthdays.  And of course I said yes.  I can't be that hard.  And I was right.  I found the best tutorials online.  So I linked you to a great one here.

     I used four colors.  Four of them were tulle, and the white was organza.  But I wont use organza again because it leaves too many stray strings.    I intended to make it for Rayelle but It wound up too big.  Maybe it's because I didn't actually measure her waist.  She was taking a nap so I just measured one of her skirts.  But I also think that the elastic stretches out when you're tieing the tulle on. 

     So I took some pics of it while the little girl that I babysit was wearing it. Rayelle will grow into it :)

I had the hardest time getting a good pic because she didn't want to sit still. 
She kept getting up and coming to me and every time I told her to
stay she would cry.  But these are good enough.
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