Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Few New Pics of Rayelle

     There is always more to catch up on with Rayelle.  It seems like everyday she has done something new or cute that is worth recognition.  But maybe I'm just biased because I think she is the cutest and smartest darn thing that has ever been made ;)     (if you click on the pics mom, you can see a bigger version)

How incredible, she already loves to read the scriptures!

and as a side note, does her hair not look like my color???

We let her suck on some cany sticks that we got at This Is The Place...she LOVED them!!!

Matt calls this one "Feasting on the Word"   (it's an ensign)

This was Rayelle idea of fun last night while I was trying to get dinner ready...cheese everywhere!

But you can't be mad when she looks this sweet while sleeping!!

This her just waking up face...notice her super cute crazy hair on the sides of her head ;)

Then this is a few minutes later after she has had time to wake up.

And now a few adorable videos...

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