Monday, July 26, 2010

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Joseph Smith had visions of the Rocky Mountains being filled with Latter-Day Saints.  So this monument depicts Joseph Smith directing Brigham Young to the valley and saying "This is the place."

      I love real jobs!  Matt had Friday off in honor of Pioneer Day...and it was paid!  So we decided to make it a "family day" and go to This Is The Place.  It was pretty cool, you should at least go once.  From the commercials and website however, I thought it was going to be like a fully functioning pioneer town.  It wasn't.  There were houses, shops, and meeting houses.  Each one had a pioneer worker stationed at it and most of the time they would give you a little tour and tell you about the building and/or person it was related to.  I guess I was just a little disappointed that I wasn't fully emerged into the culture.  But it was still worth going to see.  So I have added some pictures that we took on our trip.

Rayelle is saying hello from the little window

It was a little village that had stuff that was just Rayelle's size

You can't tell, but this was a mini train

Rayelle was pulling the baby goat's neck hairs

For some reason she was scared of the sheep

No explanation needed...

I loved the old furniture

Riding the was very hot outside 

Rayelle finally got tired and fell asleep...isn't she precious?!

And if you want to go on a Wednesday, admission is only $2.  Kids 2 and under are always free.  Here's a link with more info.

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