Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rayelle's Milestones at 6 Months

     I love whenever Rayelle learns to do something new.  It's so exciting to see all her new milestones.  People always ask "Can you believe she is already 6 months old?"  And I always respond, "It feels like she has been around forever!"  And everyday, I grow to love her more and more.  I could watch her, talk about, aww over her all day long.  She is just so sweet and precious.  So I want to document a few h-of her newest milestones.

Rayelle is learning to sit-up by herself.  She leans forward alot and gets fussy fast.  But it's so cute.

     Rayelle has also been trying to drink out of a sippy-cup.  She never took a bottle or binky, so the sucking on foreign objects concept is new for her.  Usually she just chews on the sippy-cup and gets liquid that way.  But that's ok because she is also baby is getting her first tooth. (but that's a whole nother post)

I know...I know.  I probably shouldn't be feeding Rayelle chocolate.  But She really wanted to try it, and it wasn't very much.  She loved it and I couldn't resist taking pics.

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