Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Pinto the Cat"

     In early June, we added a new member to our family.  It was a decision that took a few years to make.  Matt and I debated back and forth for a while.  And finally...I WON!  So for Mother's Day this year, I told Matt that I needed him to dray me a new bookmark because I had lost my old one he made me.  (I am an avid reader)  So when the time came, he ave me my gifts and among them was a bookmark.  On the bookmark he drew a fat orange cat and it said "I love you so much and wanted you to have a cat for Mother's Day."  I thought it was a cruel joke because I have been asking for a cat on every holiday since we got married.  It turned out, that he really meant we could get a cat. 

     So I looked for the perfect cat for a month and finally found the one that I thought would best fit into our family.  We went to pick up Pinto from a family in West Jordan.  He is a fat 2 year old white and tan cat.  He is very friendly with adults, but runs and hides from kids.  Which could be a good thing since Matt was worried that he would sit on Rayelle's head.  He sheds a lot more than I thought he would.  He NEVER jumps on the beds or couches.  Although, he does like to sit in the window sills of the bedrooms and look out.  But, that's a lot better than the furniture.  And he meows when he wants your attention.

     Matt has grow quite attached to him.  Funny since he was hard to persuade in the first place.  Since we have had Pinto he has learned to tune to Matt's alarm when it rings in the mornings.  And he comes out from under the bed- which is where he sleeps at night- and puts his paws on the side of the bed where Matt sleeps.  Then he weows and wait for Matt to pet him each morning.  It is so stinking cute. 

     So that is the news with our newest member of the family.
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