Monday, July 26, 2010

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Joseph Smith had visions of the Rocky Mountains being filled with Latter-Day Saints.  So this monument depicts Joseph Smith directing Brigham Young to the valley and saying "This is the place."

      I love real jobs!  Matt had Friday off in honor of Pioneer Day...and it was paid!  So we decided to make it a "family day" and go to This Is The Place.  It was pretty cool, you should at least go once.  From the commercials and website however, I thought it was going to be like a fully functioning pioneer town.  It wasn't.  There were houses, shops, and meeting houses.  Each one had a pioneer worker stationed at it and most of the time they would give you a little tour and tell you about the building and/or person it was related to.  I guess I was just a little disappointed that I wasn't fully emerged into the culture.  But it was still worth going to see.  So I have added some pictures that we took on our trip.

Rayelle is saying hello from the little window

It was a little village that had stuff that was just Rayelle's size

You can't tell, but this was a mini train

Rayelle was pulling the baby goat's neck hairs

For some reason she was scared of the sheep

No explanation needed...

I loved the old furniture

Riding the was very hot outside 

Rayelle finally got tired and fell asleep...isn't she precious?!

And if you want to go on a Wednesday, admission is only $2.  Kids 2 and under are always free.  Here's a link with more info.

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Mini Spinach Frittatas

     Matt and I love to try out new recipes.  And we always seem to try them out on new people.  We made dinner for some friends of ours and decided to bring these.  We served them with chicken alfredo and broccoli.  Anyways, these spinach frittatas were soo good!

(pre-baking,  yes those are pepperonis...mmmmm!)

(I had to use the pic from the website because I forgot to take an after pic;
however, mine looked exactly like this!)
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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Veil Is Thin

     Last night Rayelle fell asleep in my arms as I was feeding her.  So I went to lay her down in her crib.  At the top of her crib, on the wall, we have a picture of Jesus.  Well, when I layed her down, she awoke for a moment.  But just long enough to look up at the picture of Jesus and smile.  Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.  I completely think that she knows who that picture is of and she remembers him. 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Kitchen Wishlist

     I don't care too much for Rachael Ray's talk show, but I do like her cooking segments.  And I LOVE her pots/pans, the utensils, and dishes that she has.  So These are a few of the items that I wish I had.  Most of which I will probably never have because they are a little pricey.

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Rayelle's Milestones at 6 Months

     I love whenever Rayelle learns to do something new.  It's so exciting to see all her new milestones.  People always ask "Can you believe she is already 6 months old?"  And I always respond, "It feels like she has been around forever!"  And everyday, I grow to love her more and more.  I could watch her, talk about, aww over her all day long.  She is just so sweet and precious.  So I want to document a few h-of her newest milestones.

Rayelle is learning to sit-up by herself.  She leans forward alot and gets fussy fast.  But it's so cute.

     Rayelle has also been trying to drink out of a sippy-cup.  She never took a bottle or binky, so the sucking on foreign objects concept is new for her.  Usually she just chews on the sippy-cup and gets liquid that way.  But that's ok because she is also baby is getting her first tooth. (but that's a whole nother post)

I know...I know.  I probably shouldn't be feeding Rayelle chocolate.  But She really wanted to try it, and it wasn't very much.  She loved it and I couldn't resist taking pics.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel Checkers

A Girl and a Glue Gun had another project to do with a tin.  This one is a super cute checkers set.  What an awesome thing to take when you're traveling.  Stuck in the airport?  In a car?  At the beach?  Anywhere...just whip out checkers. 
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Darling Hubby ;)

     As I have mentioned, my wonderful husband is an artist.  He eats, sleeps, breaths, and bleeds art!  He LOVES everything about art, and never stops learning new things about it.  So, I finally convinced his to start a blog so he can talk about and display his pieces.  So, these are a few my more favorite pieces...although I love all his work ;)  I have linked to his website, so check it out!
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Funny Faces Tin

     So there are a handful of blogs that I follow...most of them are craft blogs.  But, A Girl and a Glue Gun has been making things out of tins.  And she posted this really cute article about a fun magnetic face game she made.  Check it out. Pin It

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dream Serger

Dream serger how I yearn for thee;
Much easier would my projects be;
So shiny and brand new,
If my husband had a clue;
You're the best birthday gift for me.

Did I mention that my birthday is next month?
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Cute...Sock Wreath?

     I just saw this sock wreath tutorial on Studio 5...a local show here is Salt Lake and thought "how strangely unique and yet, cute and simple!"  And even better, it only costs about $3 to make.  I have been wanting to make some cute wreaths for my front door and think this may be a winner.  For a little while anyways ;)  So check out the pics and tutorial and let me know what you think! 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bandanna Dress

     I found this really cute tutorial for a bandanna dress.  It talks about making the top of the dress from scratch, but I am going to use one of Rayelle's onesies and see how it turns out.  I bet it would work.  This will be a project for Friday.  Hopefully the DI has bandannas...if not the Dollar Store should.  (These are two of my favorite places, just so you know ;) Pin It

"Pinto the Cat"

     In early June, we added a new member to our family.  It was a decision that took a few years to make.  Matt and I debated back and forth for a while.  And finally...I WON!  So for Mother's Day this year, I told Matt that I needed him to dray me a new bookmark because I had lost my old one he made me.  (I am an avid reader)  So when the time came, he ave me my gifts and among them was a bookmark.  On the bookmark he drew a fat orange cat and it said "I love you so much and wanted you to have a cat for Mother's Day."  I thought it was a cruel joke because I have been asking for a cat on every holiday since we got married.  It turned out, that he really meant we could get a cat. 

     So I looked for the perfect cat for a month and finally found the one that I thought would best fit into our family.  We went to pick up Pinto from a family in West Jordan.  He is a fat 2 year old white and tan cat.  He is very friendly with adults, but runs and hides from kids.  Which could be a good thing since Matt was worried that he would sit on Rayelle's head.  He sheds a lot more than I thought he would.  He NEVER jumps on the beds or couches.  Although, he does like to sit in the window sills of the bedrooms and look out.  But, that's a lot better than the furniture.  And he meows when he wants your attention.

     Matt has grow quite attached to him.  Funny since he was hard to persuade in the first place.  Since we have had Pinto he has learned to tune to Matt's alarm when it rings in the mornings.  And he comes out from under the bed- which is where he sleeps at night- and puts his paws on the side of the bed where Matt sleeps.  Then he weows and wait for Matt to pet him each morning.  It is so stinking cute. 

     So that is the news with our newest member of the family.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How about a little chuckle?

     On Sunday, Rayelle and I were walking down the hall at church to go to the primary room (I'm a counselor in the presidency). Well on our way, I felt some force that kindda stopped me for a second. I looked around for someone who grabbed my clothes or something and didn't see anyone. Then I happened to look at Rayelle who was sitting on my hip and noticed that she had a fist full of something. At closer look, I noticed it was a handful of curly brown hair! There apparently was a little boy who was walking past us when Rayelle decided to grab hold! The poor kid just looked up at me with pleading eyes for help. I felt so sorry for him. He was a good sport about it though. :)

This is a pic of Rayelle pulling my hair at my brother's graduation.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini History

     I have wanted to start a blog for a really long time now...and I finally have. I remember thinking when I was pregnant "I am not going to be one of those moms who start a blog just because we have a baby now" Well, I have since then realized what a neat opportunity a blog is.

     My family consists of me, my husband Matt, and our baby girl, Rayelle who is nearly 6 months old now. We also have a cat named Pinto and a fish named Sinai. We are a busy, yet happy little bunch.

     I am a stay-at-home-mom, (aka, homemaker). I feel so lucky that I get to be there for Rayelle everyday. I babysit a neighbor girl who is 13 months old, five days a week. Matt works for a company that does various online classes. Such as food safety, alcohol handlers permits, etc. So he gets to work from home three days a week and travels to Orem the other two.

     So instead of focusing my blog on certain things or activities, I have decided to just throw everything in. It will be like a journal of thoughts, family activities, hobbies, and whatever else I decide to post. (as long as it's not too personal ;)

     Welcome to my family, joys, trials, passions, and life...enjoy! Pin It

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