Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree

We spent our first fhe in December putting up our Christmas tree. It is Rayelle's first and she seemed to be interested.

She especially took interest in the pretty shiny ornaments.

We had our ward Christmas party already too.

And Rayelle had to examine what was in the goody bags.

This month Rayelle had her first chocolate chips...but how could she not at this time of year?!
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Catching Up for November

Not much happened in the month of November.  But there were enough cute pictures of Rayelle that it was worth creating a post.

It was nice that Rayelle and I got to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together.  I didn't realize how big she was getting until I saw this picture!

And later that night at Matt's mom's house, Rayelle found a box of tissues and hid under a table so she could rip them up.
And these are just a few cute pics of Rayelle in her winter coat.

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Catching up for October

October was an exciting month...because of Halloween!!!

It is so fun to get to decorate with scary and creepy things. Although, I don't enjoy all the gory things.  Nice clean bugs, ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and pumpkins.

Since this was Rayelle's first Halloween I was very excited for her!  I decided to make her a purple fairy.  I know, there were tons of fairies this year.  But it was so cute and the wings and skirt were only $1 each at the dollar store.  Sometimes I am very cheap.  But she didn't care.  And she was adorable!

This is a wedding reception we went to earlier in the month.

 This is the most adorable silly face ever!

And Rayelle learned how to eat a sucker... 

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Catching Up for September

Let me just tell you that I am utterly disgusted with myself!  I vowed that when I started blogging that I would be diligent at it and not fall too far behind.  Because when I do, I feel like it is easier to not try catching up...and so I never do!

Well, since my wonderful hubby got my laptop fixed for me for Christmas (an early gift), I can finally catch up.  It's hard for me to use the regular computer because Matt's nearly always on it for work and school.  

First comes September:

Rayelle learned how to sit by herself! 

She is a pro at feeding herself

We were given one of the world's largest cucumbers!

We enjoyed a hike in the mountains 

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making a Tutu

     I was talking with a friend recently and she asked if I would be willing to make some tutus for her little girl's birthdays.  And of course I said yes.  I can't be that hard.  And I was right.  I found the best tutorials online.  So I linked you to a great one here.

     I used four colors.  Four of them were tulle, and the white was organza.  But I wont use organza again because it leaves too many stray strings.    I intended to make it for Rayelle but It wound up too big.  Maybe it's because I didn't actually measure her waist.  She was taking a nap so I just measured one of her skirts.  But I also think that the elastic stretches out when you're tieing the tulle on. 

     So I took some pics of it while the little girl that I babysit was wearing it. Rayelle will grow into it :)

I had the hardest time getting a good pic because she didn't want to sit still. 
She kept getting up and coming to me and every time I told her to
stay she would cry.  But these are good enough.
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Chili-Pasta Skillet

     Another new recipe.  This time however, it was a main dish.  And I only tried it out on my husband, Matt.  But he loved it and I thought it was quite yummy too.

     Chili-Pasta Skillet was the famous recipe.  As noted in the cookbook, it is a subscriber favorite and low fat.  So I thought, "Hey, I should try it then!"  The only change I made to the recipe was that I added 8 oz. of noodles instead of 4 oz.  And I didn't have any elbow noodles, so I used shells that I had. 

(I hope there isn't a copyright law against this.  so just in case, shhhh...)

I know, raw meat, kinda gross.  But it is kinda pretty too.

Half way through...just mix and simmer for 20 minutes.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Torte

     So, I believe I have mentioned before that I love to try new recipes.  And if not, well now you know.  Probably, the most horrible part about this is the fact that I like to try the new recipes out on other people!  I know that most people want to do a test run before they serve their new creations to others, but I figure if I'm going to go through the trouble of preparing something extravagant, then other people might as well "enjoy" the fruits of my labors!

     Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with my mother-in-law and Matt's immediate family.  And well, I had a pint of heavy whipping cream that was going out of date that I needed to use.  So I decided to make a dessert to take over.  Why not?  And I was recently given a new cookbook for my birthday where I found a yummy looking treat that I could use the cream for!

It's not the prettiest creation, but the cream go too stiff and was hard to spread.  But notice that the bottom layer is cake, then a layer of cream, then another layer of cake, and finally the top layer of cream.  Yummy!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rayelle by Yvette...

     These are some pics that Matt's sister, Yvette, took of Rayelle while we were at a family gathering.  They were taken in July so forgive the lateness.

Daddy loves to hold Rayelle while she sleeps.

Her fingers are her favorite things to chew on :)

When I saw this one, I was blown away!  Look at how her eyes match Matt's shirt!

Black ans whites are such classics...

So precious:)

can you believe the eyelashes in these next two!?!

Thanks a million Yvette!!!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Few New Pics of Rayelle

     There is always more to catch up on with Rayelle.  It seems like everyday she has done something new or cute that is worth recognition.  But maybe I'm just biased because I think she is the cutest and smartest darn thing that has ever been made ;)     (if you click on the pics mom, you can see a bigger version)

How incredible, she already loves to read the scriptures!

and as a side note, does her hair not look like my color???

We let her suck on some cany sticks that we got at This Is The Place...she LOVED them!!!

Matt calls this one "Feasting on the Word"   (it's an ensign)

This was Rayelle idea of fun last night while I was trying to get dinner ready...cheese everywhere!

But you can't be mad when she looks this sweet while sleeping!!

This her just waking up face...notice her super cute crazy hair on the sides of her head ;)

Then this is a few minutes later after she has had time to wake up.

And now a few adorable videos...

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